• 1. The difference between point reading machine and point reading pen

    1. The difference between point reading machine and point reading pen The reading pen uses the technology of printing a QR code on the book to embed the sound file in the book. The user selects a page to be read during use, and clicks on the pattern, text, number, etc. on that page. For content, ...
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  • Factory updated

    Factory updated

    Factory updated. Increased 2 production lines in factory.  Provide more higher quality products to customer!
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  • Regarding English reading pen, professionals say so

    The English reading pen is the reading pen for English content. A kind of reading pen to help people learn English. The English reading pen package includes: English books (textbooks), reading pen, charging cable, etc. The reading pen combines traditional publishing and digital publishing technol...
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  • The working principle of the reading pen and some basic concepts

    The point reading pen focuses on the word “click to read”, that is, click to read, where to read, does not have the writing function of a traditional pen, saying that it is a pen with a grip and an image that is similar to the shape of the pen. The “point reading pen” cann...
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  • What should I pay attention to when buying a reading pen?

    What should I pay attention to when buying a reading pen? Some netizens asked me on the Internet that there are many types of reading pens. Which kind of reading pen is better? So I chatted with him and asked how he knows how to read pens? He replied that once he accompanied his son to the Xinhua...
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  • How to choose the right student machine and the people who the learning machine is suitable for?

    In recent years, learning machines have reached most families, because the choice of learning machines is a puzzle for many parents. But a learning machine is also very important to students, not a universal learning machine for all students. In this way, various learning machines will come out. ...
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  • Why should I buy an early education machine for my child?

    Many people look down on children. What do they think they can understand only by the big kids? Just want to give them one million at this time, ten million they don’t understand what this is? Yes, they don’t understand this matter, but many children are very smart children. If you give the...
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  • What is a wifi point reading pen? What are the advantages of the wifi point reading pen?

    The principle of reading pen? The reading pen cannot be used alone, and it cannot be used for reading ordinary books. To achieve reading, it is necessary to have supporting books for use. The supporting books are usually called audio books. A Sensor (infrared photosensitive) + MCU+OID algorithm +...
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  • The principle and advantages of 2.4G Bluetooth reading pen?

    1. Introduction to 2.4G Point Reader 2.4G is a wireless transmission technology. Because its frequency band is between 2.400GHz and 2.4835GHz, it is referred to as 2.4G wireless technology. It is one of the three major wireless technologies (including Bluetooth, 27M, 2.4G) on the market. This tec...
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