• Company passed the CCC quality inspection !

    Warmly congratulations!After 1 month of team work,Huizhou Towa,one of the ACCO branch,passed the CCC quality inspection review!
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  • Why choose ACCO’S talking pen

    Why choose ACCO’S talking pen   1. The ACCO talking pen  has more than 800 pcs books or 1000 stories for talking book audio and your own recordings. Our Talking Pen has passed shock, vibration, and drop testing. Long story short, it was built to withstand torture. 2. The Audio books ...
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  • what’s talking pen

    What’s talking pen   As a tutor in a pen, talking pen is a new learning resource, it could help Children to promote self-learning & make education without limits.   Talking pen is a magic pen specially designed for learning. With a talking pen, learners are more involved in their learni...
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